Papillon 68 Denim

One cool summer evening, Ray and I were sitting at our favorite little Mexi spot having a margarita with chips and guac. I watched this cowboy walk in and sit down next to us. He was the iconic looking cowboy movies are based on; faded Wranglers, deeply oiled boots, a pearl button cotton shirt, bandana and a well loved straw hat. I swooned a little for the nostalgia of it all. Just then a butterfly landed on his hat and it hit me.

I needed a piece that was more unisex in style. He looked damn good in that bandana. And sometimes you just want a little something around your neck to protect or keep warm. So I designed my version of a neck kerchief complete with his little butterfly.

Mine is made of our wonderful silk/wool blend. Delicate enough to wear most of the year. It's the perfect size to knot around your neck inside your collar or over a sweater. A little less fabric, and all the comfort.

dimension: 68x68 cm  (26.5"x26.5")
materials: 40% silk  60% wool blend
serged edging

gentle hand wash in cool water with mild detergent
lay flat on a towel to dry

$50.00 $30.00