Maxi Long Skinny Twill | Eden | Bone

$60 $80

Years ago I had a too close encounter with a rattle snake. It was right around a time in my life when I couldn't seem to get away from snakes in general. Everywhere I went, I had a random snake thing happen. Then a drummer for a pueblo in New Mexico told me that snakes are a messenger of change and they're actually a positive thing, and that I possessed quite a bit of snake energy. He put a little white doeskin pouch around my neck, told me to fill it with important things. I'm gonna need a bigger bag!!!

Since then I don't see them so often, but I made this one to take with me everywhere! Wrap one of these maxi style twill scarfs around your neck, as a head scarf or tie around a top knot. Elevating your casual look doesn't get any easier than that. 

Eden comes in three colors: Earth, Bone, Emerald 

Bone has a black and cream snake with white details.

Each side is different. One side features a geometric snake running top to bottom, and the back is our iconic trellis pattern.  


dimension: 180 x 10 cm (71' x 4")
materials: 100% silk twill
double sided

dry clean or gentle hand wash


As seen in Houston Family Magazine

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