Sun Salutations 127 Featherweight

Our beloved redwing blackbirds are back on our lightest weight silk/wool blend yet. Imagine yourself being enveloped in a delicate cloud of wool, just a feather grazing your neck and you've experienced this wonderful fabric from Italy. Blended from 30% silk and 70% wool.

The forces of nature are at work. The redwing blackbird is a messenger of change, slowly building around you, reminding you to stay grounded and open to this shift in your life. 16 birds greet the morning sun on a field of creamy white and blush pink. Banded in taupe and white stripes and edged in coral, this piece is a subtle and soft statement.


dimension: 127x127 cm  (50" x 50")
materials: 30% silk  70% wool blend
fringed edging

Made in Italy

gentle hand wash in cool water with mild detergent
lay flat on a towel to dry

a word about fringe edging on our feather weights wools
Fringe edging is made by cutting the edge of the fabric and pulling out about 1 cm of cross threads to create the fringe effect. Occasionally threads will separate from the raw edge making it feel like the scarf is unraveling! It's not. This is a normal occurrence with the featherweight wools as the weave is very open and some of those pieces on the end will want to come out as well. Pull any loose threads off and away from the cross threads. We also suggest washing in cold water and lay flat or hang to dry. This helps secure those end threads by softening and almost plumping the fibers a bit. If this concerns you, we suggest finding a scarf you love that's not part of the featherweight wool collection.