Who is Ray?

I get asked this all the time. Who is Ray?  Ray is your significant other or spouse. Ray is that pet you love like your own child. Ray is your group of girlfriends you can laugh and drink the night away with. Ray is that person, or pet, in your life that you love to spend time with. We've all been spending a lot more time at home these last ____(fill in the blank) months, and many of us have learned a lot of things about ourselves that we didn't know. We also learned what we're capable of. The stuff we're made of, and how to prioritize your life. Many of us have even made the effort to nest again, dig in to our spaces and create a beautiful place to spend more time. This is where At Home With Ray comes in. 

Kris Roufa designer and owner of At Home With Ray

My name is Kris Roufa, and I'm the designer behind the brand. I was born a designer, my mother would say. I've been one since I could walk, designing clothes, designing costumes, designing hats, designing bugs then I started an agency designing for others for real. Yes, I'm the girl that you think is not listening when you're talking, but in reality I am, but I'm also staring at some insane color palette found in a single leaf of a crimson barberry bush or studying the way light refracts off a hummingbird wing. My world is all that's around me, and I immerse myself in it fully. My home is in constant flux as the process is as much fun as the end result. I throw a great cocktail party, with snacks, great tunes and happy vibes all around. I'm the general keeper of the idea collection for At Home With Ray and always love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and wishes.

 My dear friend Kelley was a part of this start up, but today acts as a consultant. Her life was too full at the moment to give her entire heart and soul to the process of starting a business, but she's still around!

COVID-19 took away many things from all of us, but in return it brought a renewed love of home and hearth, love and bonds, awareness and gratitude for what we have. This journey is about looking inward, getting family and friends back together at the table, and truly enjoying one another's company. It's for love, self-appreciation and taking care of yourself.

Wouldn't you rather be At Home With Ray? We're here for you, to help you design a space you love, to share our ideas, to spread our creative passion through the things we have made for you, and to make your home all you.