Duos - Reversible Mulberry Silk Face Masks | Multiple color options


Our reversible silk face masks have sadly been tough to keep in stock! We figured out a while ago that silk is the way to go to keep your skin healthy under a face mask. Cotton can be drying and irritating, and lots of us gals had issues... these silk face masks have special super powers. The silk helps keep your skin hydrated! Bonus: They're reversible. So you get two colors in one.

Check back often as we have new colors on the way!

Keep yourself and others safe with AHWR's beautiful double sided 100% pure 19 mm mulberry silk, pleated face masks. Bring a shimmery shine and spirit to your new accessory.

7" wide x 3" tall
Adjustable elastic ear loops
Adjustable nose wire

Hand wash in warm water with gentle detergent.
Lay flat and finger press pleats to dry.

These masks are non-medical grade

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