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Linen Branch Candle Runner

$16 $24

Made from beautiful soft linen, our 24" x 8" mini runner, is what we like to call a Candle Runner. If you like the look of candles without bases, but want to protect the surface beneath, use one of our printed candle runners to add wonderfully bohemian flavor to your table top decor.

Branch is part of our greater Down Under collection. We took the naked branch and created a minimalist design which looks great with a row of natural candles perched on top.

dimension: 24" x 8"
materials: 100% linen
serged edging

machine wash in cool water and tumble dry low
take out of the dryer immediately and hand press
we love the washed linen feel, but iron if you prefer a crisp look

* This product has serge finished edge. The "tails" will shrink and tighten up as you wash and dry. If you prefer to trim it, tie a knot close to the edge to keep the thread from unraveling.


This is a linen table runner and will not prevent a fire. Use caution and do not leave lit candles unattended.


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