Erin in Winter 127


Maybe it's a well known fact that a swallow represents love, loyalty and peace, giving strength wherever they go. They're the symbol of joyfulness, decisiveness and hope. When I heard about that, I made Ray and I get swallow tattoos to make sure we were covered in that department. I also got two more, one for each of my girls to protect them.

This silk oversized scarf is the epitome of luxury. Nothing and I do mean nothing feels like silk against your skin, and this scarf is wonderfully sized for a generous wrap around your shoulders or the most elegant of all beach wraps! Color blocked background in rich laden green and a super saturated saffron.

Cover yourself in this golden hued piece and you'll have a little of that fierce love come your way too!



dimension: 127x127 cm (50" x 50")
materials: 100% silk satin
hand rolled edging

dry clean or gentle hand wash


As seen in Houston Family Magazine

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