Babe in the Woods 127


One morning while jogging down our dusty county road I came across this stud of a buck. We had a stare off, and I flinched. Know your limits! But not before I caught him on my phone. I love contradictions. We share our world with nature, for better and worse for them, but there you have it. When I looked at the photo later, something about the telephone wires above this big guy gave me pause. 

This delicate silk/wool blend oversized shawl captures that buck in a black and white photo print banded with saturated shades of raspberry pink, bubble gum and bittersweet chocolate. Delicious.

This piece will be a constant companion as a wrap on mild summer evenings or wrapped up around your neck all winter long.

dimension: 127x127 cm  (50" x 50")
materials: 40% silk  60% wool blend
fringed edging

gentle hand wash in cool water with mild detergent
lay flat on a towel to dry

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