Geo Green | Oversized Linen Lapkin

$22 $38

There are some fairly exotic and gorgeous creatures and plants in Australia. We're not Australian, but do we love these black cockatoos and pink blossoms on the gum tress. And it became an entire collection! 

What is a Lapkin? This is our term for a generously sized 25" x 25" napkin because we are the profound opinion a napkin should actually cover your entire lap!

dimension: 25" x 25"
materials: 100% linen
hand woven fuchsia ribbon detail

machine wash in cool water and tumble dry low
take out of the dryer immediately and hand press
we love the washed linen feel, but iron if you prefer a crisp look

*** We only made a handful of these wonders with the pink ribbon. It honestly was just taking A LOT of time to finish this way. These are a limited run! We will keep all of the Down Under collection available, but the next round will not have this trim


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