Skinny Silk Twily Scarves | Hood Stripe | In Gold, Taupe & Shale

I've always wanted a Mini. When I first saw one in the Italian Job, I fell in love with the cute little cars. Then I saw one on the street with a hood stripe and I told Ray that someday I would have a Mini with a hood stripe and a dog in the front seat. He got all sad and asked where he was gonna sit... this twill design is my mini model with a hood stripe!

These sweet little silk twillys are incredibly versatile. I wear one as a hat band, and then when I don't need my hat, I use it like a headband to tie my hair back. It also makes a great little bracelet or choker necklace. Like I said- versatile.

The Hood Stripe silk twill is available in three perfect colors to compliment any summer look you've got going on.



dimension: 110x5 cm (43' x 2")
materials: 100% silk twill
double sided

dry clean or gentle hand wash

$47.00 $20.00