Goldfish in Ocean Long


Ray and I took a vacation to Vieques a few years back. We ran into the water, snorkel masks on, all ready to see beautiful fish. After a little while, and little success, we decided it would be more fun to drink rum and pineapple on the beach. It was.

This gorgeous almost black bluey-green is a shimmery silk satin piece, lustrous and feels like a cloud next to your skin. Which is a good thing if you're sunburned.

Wear these long scarves primly ties in a pussy bow around your neck over or inside a collar, tied as a head band or even as a silk statement belt! You'll find this size silk scarf quite versatile.



dimension: 41x178 cm (16" x 70")
materials: 100% silk satin
hand rolled edging

dry clean or gentle hand wash

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