Words Matter 127

Who had checkerboard Vans as a kid? Maybe you still have them! I've always loved a checkerboard pattern. It's bold. So what started as an idea for a checkerboard scarf design ended up being a scrabble board gone wild and a fun day long exercise in word smithing.

Ray and I talk a lot about how many use words in social media without consequence to their actions. Social media has made it very easy to hide behind those words. It you wouldn't say it to someone direct, don't say it on social. Words matter. A lot.

While you're lazing away the day at the beach, this piece is a great entertainment value as you uncover one word after another! Some words are nice, some are seemingly random, some a bit naughty... but most importantly you'll see one set of pink words - LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS.

Side Note: This business is filled with too much useless plastic. In my effort to reduce that waste, I have made cotton bags that all of my scarves will now ship to me in rather than the ubiquitous plastic. I've always shipped to my customers in a sweet little bag, but this now eliminates the step from my printers. Use it to protect your scarf, or for a makeup bag!



dimension: 127x127 cm (50" x 50")
materials: 9mm silk/cotton blend

dry clean or gentle hand wash


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