Gifts for the Stylish Outdoorswoman | 2021 HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE OUTSIDE MAGAZINE

Upgrades in mountain-town chic(Photo: Inga Hendrickson)

At Home with Ray Erin SWD 127 Shawl ($190)

This oversize scarf features a striking black-and-white scene with a bright, multicolored border on a 60-40 wool-silk blend. At just over 50 square inches, it can be double-wrapped around the neck for plenty of warmth—and just as much style.

 Image of At Home With Ray's oversized silk wool shawl with image of Moab cliffs and a T-Rex and bordered in a vibrant striped band of colors. Featured in this months Holiday Shopping Guide for the Outdoorswoman, in Outside Magazine

Link to the full article by Gabriela Aoun here.


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