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Diane Colette, Petite in Paris is wearing the Shady Bird silk twill scarf by At Home With Ray

How do Parisians style a scarf?

Diane Colette, Petite in Paris

With winter being in full swing I thought it would be an ideal time to talk about how Parisians style a scarf. It is common knowledge that Parisian’s are notorious for their effortless chic style and when they style a scarf it is no different. Walking around Paris it’s impossible not to be inspired by Parisian style. Everywhere you turn both men and women alike are effortlessly chic and styled to a T.  

Living in Paris now for almost 6 years, I like to think of myself as almost Parisian. With that being said, today I’m going to talk to you about many topics surrounding scarves, such as how do Parisian style a scarf around their neck, around their bag, what is the best size scarf for a petite women and finally finishing up with what to look for when you are buying high quality scarves. I’ll even share with you my favorite new place to buy scarves.

How do Parisian Style a Scarf around their Neck?

Diane ties her scarf in a simple tie © Petite in Paris

Walking around the city it’s tough to be anything but inspired by how Parisians dress. During this time of year, one thing that caught my eye was Parisians styling their scarves. You may be wondering how Parisians style a scarf around their neck, or even how do Parisian wear a scarf? In fact, it’s quite simple. Parisians love to style a scarf around their neck with a simple tie. For me, I tied my scarf in a loose knot. This allowed me to achieve the casual yet chic look. 

When it comes to styling a scarf. I tend to choose the scarf first then style the outfit around it. Today, I wore a neutral outfit and used my scarf to add a little color.

How do Parisians Style a scarf on their handbag?

At Home with Ray Scarf tied on a Hermes Birkin © Petite in Paris

One of the most popular ways Parisian Style a scarf is on their handbag. I’ve seen endless amounts of women walking around Paris with scarves on their handbags. Typically a Parisian will add an extra pop of color with their scarf around their handbag. 

For me, I decided to style my At Home with Ray scarf in a simple tie on my coveted Birkin bag. Around Paris, you will often see Parisian Style a scarf on their handbags with a simple bow, or even wrap a scarf around the handles of their bag.

What type of Scarf do Parisian Women Wear?

How Parisians style a scarf © Petite in Paris

One of the most popular questions when it comes to Parisians and scarves, is what type of scarves do Parisian Women Wear? Typically Parisians tend to lean more towards silk scarves, the reason for this is because Paris doesn’t typically get that cold in the winter. On the days that it does drop they will tend to wear something heavier, but for the most part you will see Parisians in a high quality silk scarf. A silk scarf is a staple piece in every Parisian wardrobe. 

© Petite in Paris

Where to buy high quality scarves?

Ahh the question of the day, where to buy a high quality scarf? For me, one of the most important things when looking for a scarf is the quality. I’d rather invest in a more expensive piece that will last for years. With that being said, for me, one of the things I look for is high quality, are they using real silk or is it imitation? How is the cut of the scarf? Are they using hand rolled edges? 

These are the type of questions you should be asking before you make a purchase for a scarf. Recently, I was introduced by a brand called At Home with Ray. Instantly, I knew that the At Home with Ray scarves answered all the questions I typically ask before I make a silk scarf purchase. The At Home with Ray scarves are made of high quality silk, they have hand rolled edges, and all top of that they come in variety sizes.


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