Ode to Iris

My mother and I have this ongoing thing we say to one another for years now. When she asks me if I think her outfit is "age appropriate" or "too much", I will look at her and say- What would Iris do?

Iris Apfel was an icon and a role for all of us that have ever felt insecure or questioned whether it was OK to wear something. She believed in expressing yourself for your own happiness. Dress for you, and not to impress others or to just be on trend for the sake of it. Style is pure self expression, and a lot of self discovery. Her words have always resonated with me. So many of her words! 

Thank you Iris for all of your inspiration! Rest in peace and may it be full of wonderfully self expressive and fun people!

This scarf is a reminder to ask yourself if and when you have any self doubt - What Would Iris Do? 




dimension: 180 x 10 cm (71' x 4")
materials: 100% silk twill
double sided

dry clean or gentle hand wash