Jardin Vert 127

I spend a lot of time in my garden, it's my happy place. I nursed a hummingbird back to health last summer, and now I like to imagine all of the little animals, birds, bugs, even sea creatures all living in my garden. Perhaps this is a sign of being a little crazy, but who cares?!

Jardin is my garden filled with my Snow White fantasy friends! It's available in two color ways. Vert has a taupe, cream and black garden with an early spring aspen leaf green stripe and a hot pink serged edge!

Made from a wispy fine cotton silk blend, Jardin is a great summer time piece. Wear it as a sarong on the beach, or to wrap around your burned shoulders eating dinner al fresco. 


Side Note: This business is filled with too much useless plastic. In my effort to reduce that waste, I have made cotton bags that all of my scarves will now ship to me in rather than the ubiquitous plastic. I've always shipped to my customers in a sweet little bag, but this now eliminates the step from my printers. Use it to protect your scarf, or for a makeup bag!



dimension: 127x127 cm (50" x 50")
materials: 9mm silk/cotton blend

dry clean or gentle hand wash


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