Beginnings 68

As the days warm up and the evenings right along with it, Ray and I spend a lot more time outside watching the world go from brown to green. Spring in the high desert is not an all out riot of color like in some places. It's more of a slowly rolling transition that happens as trees bud, bright lime leaflings start to show their noses, and as they grow up for the season they deepen into a rich tones of green in earnest. That's when the butterflies come to play, and the hummingbirds start their morning assault until the feeders are full again. It's a beautiful time to appreciate new beginnings. Possibly with a ranch water in hand sitting on your porch.

This crisp little silk carré is a stunner knotted around your neck or tied in your hair. Fresh. Vibrant. Alive... all come to mind. We've been playing a lot with color blocking as the options for how to wear it are nothing short of houdini like! 



dimension: 68x68 cm  26" x 26"
materials: 100% silk twill
hand rolled edging

dry clean or gentle hand wash


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