Blue Dog 68

Ray and I have a little blue heeler. While we're going about our day, she likes to hang out on her chair on the front porch keeping intruders (deer, jackrabbits, chipmunks, lizards...)out of her turf. Very important work. I love to sneak a look out the window to watch her. She's quite involved in her world and I'm pretty sure she loves to watch the changes in her world as much as I do. 

This is a scarf for all of us out there that have a little fur baby at the center of their universe. It's quite fun to roll her into the middle and keep the shimmery banded border at the focus, but occasionally I'll fold it to have her pointy ear pop out! Like all of our pieces, there's an easter egg waiting to be found, or kept close to your heart for your eyes only.



dimension: 68x68 cm  26" x 26"
materials: 100% silk twill
hand rolled edging

dry clean or gentle hand wash


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