Corn Dancer in Wheat

When I was little, my parents would go skiing in Taos, NM. They frequently would bring me back a kachina doll. I loved those dolls with their suede outfits, and feathers and beads. It was so foreign and exotic.

Flash forward, I've always been obsessed with houndstooth. Something about the geometry of the pattern, and the perfect positive negative balance. Call me a nerd. I wanted to create my own version of the traditional, but with a southwestern twist. As with all of my designs, I kept loosely drawing variations until it started to look like a person dancing! That was my ahha moment!

I turned my houndstooth into one of my kachina dolls, the Corn Dancer! 

dimension: 68 x 68 cm  (26" x 26")
materials: cashmere 50% silk 50% blend
Fringed edges

Made in Italy

gentle hand wash in cool water with mild detergent
lay flat on a towel to dry