Cow With The Citrine Earring 89

Pedaling out the miles in the county, you get to see a lot of ranch life. I'm particularly fond of these peaceful black cows, lazing in the green grassy fields, seemingly content. Ray tells me they're not earrings, I know that, but I like to pretend. I never eat red meat myself, but I do eat an occasional hamburger. 

Our newest version is a field of beautiful periwinkle blue, black cows and citrine gold earrings! With hand rolled chartreuse green edging, this silk scarf is a sure way to catch an eye or three. We loved the heaver weight of our new silk so much we printed it on both sides for the ultimate in luxury!

Wear as a head scarf to tap into this seasons hottest look!



dimension: 89x89 cm (35' x 35")
materials: 100% silk satin
hand rolled edging

dry clean or gentle hand wash


As seen in Houston Family Magazine

$120.00 $100.00
Collections: Less Than 5, Sale Vendors: At Home With Ray