Frolic in Khaki

I love summer and I love a gingham print. They go hand in hand, but since we're not exactly sweet around here, we had to add the attitude back in. Ray says I'm not so tough, and neither are my desert animals. That's OK, we can be decidedly mischievous instead! Vintage vibes with a twist. Besides, Ray loves this one so much he's been wearing it! Khaki gingham is decidedly an equal opportunist print.

We changed up this season's Frolic scarf into an oblong shape, so you can tie it around your neck and have long tails to tuck in pseudo wild rag style, or wrap into your hair for a hairband. 


dimension: (44" x 18")
materials: 9mm silk/cotton blend

dry clean or gentle hand wash


$50.00 $25.00
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