Whispering Eyes Wool

Aspen trees are synonymous with the Rocky Mountains. Everyone knows how gorgeous those quaking gold leaves are in the fall. Have you spent anytime in a grove in the winter? It's a bit haunting and not a little disorienting. All shades of light bark and black eyes against bright white snow. You feel like you're being watched! 

Whispering Eyes captures that forest, mirrored down the middle- you won't know which way is up! It's printed in black and white with a slight grey green and blue hue. It's a great neutral, and reads like a wild stripe when it's wrapped around your neck. Look closely and you may find a deer or two.

This is a new fabric for us- 100% wool, still as delicate and soft as all of our collection pieces and in a long and very wrap-able shape.

Complete flat graphic shown below!

dimension: 200 x 70 cm  (80" x 27")
materials: 100% wool
hand rolled / fringed ends

Made in Italy

gentle hand wash in cool water with mild detergent
lay flat on a towel to dry


$215.00 $150.00
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