Make It Yours, Customized Luxury Branded Products

At Home With Ray is beyond thrilled to offer customized and branded luxury products for your boutique or big event!

As the designer and owner of At Home With Ray, I’m in the wonderfully unique position to be able to work with you to design and produce something special for your store or event. You get both custom design and finished products in one place, making the process more efficient. 

Sourcing premium branded luxury products for your boutique or event is not easy. I’m confident we can help you. 

This is a list of products At Home With Ray Custom can make for you:

Scarves in Pure Silk and Silk Blends

50” x 50” Silk/Wool Blend
22 x 22 Silk/Cotton Bandana
33” x 2” “Twilly”
70” x 4” Maxi “Twilly”
35 x 35 Silk Satin

Silk Face Masks- Double Sided, Pleated

Table Linens in 100% Pure Linen

25” x 25” Lapkin
Cocktail Napkins 6.5” x 6.5”, set of 6 with a linen envelope
Candle Runner 24” x 8”
Table Runner 90” x 15”

Printed Goods

Greeting Cards
Accordioned “Vintage” Postcard Set
Place Cards


Custom silk twill twilly design for Engel & Volkers Telluride by At Home With Ray

Custom silk twill twilly design for Engel & Volkers Telluride by At Home With Ray
We offer a step by step process, and two different levels of customization.

Level 1- A semi customized process

Using our bold color block design as the foundation, you pick your colors and words. I can mock up your design. Once we have something you love, we get them made.  

Level 2 - A fully customized design and illustration process

Our more extensive customization process. We start with a consultation on what you’re looking for and what I can achieve for you. This process takes a little more time. I’ll sketch some ideas and once we have it refined to your satisfaction, we have it made.

Of course there’s a little more to this, but we can discuss what your options are and the time frames associated with each product.

If you’re interested in discussing options for customized branded products, please call 970.799.4262 or email

I would love to talk with you, and find something that works for your boutique or big event!

Custom luxury silk wool scarves for Heritage Apparel in Telluride Colorado. Design and produced by At Home With Ray.

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