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Say No to Paper Cocktail Napkins

Say No to Paper Cocktail Napkins

We all have them, and love to give them. You can find them in any number of clever and quippy sayings, some more suited for our besties than our kiddies. They’re wonderfully adorable, and seemingly the ubiquitous accessory when hosting a party. However, they’re paper. Which makes them something even the diehard fans of the funny cocktail napkin might reconsider. I know, I know. I get it. I was raised with a grandmother that sent you everywhere with a paper napkin. Whether you were having a can of Coke or snacking on a cracker, you took a napkin as well. I admit, I still have a roll of paper towels hovering near my sink, because it’s easy and I’m messy. I’m working through this dependency now. As far as the cocktail napkin issue goes, I’ve fixed that. 

This is the bonus of being a designer. I can solve my own personal issues with products suited perfectly to the problem. I wanted something colorful and something a little more sophisticated. I wanted a bold edging detail. I didn’t want them to look vintage or like something your great grandmother had in her good china cabinet. Nothing against those, I have plenty of beautifully embroidered and lace edged Victorian stunners. These cocktail napkins needed to be a modern cloth spin on our beloved paper cocktail napkins!

Linen cocktail napkin in hot pink and lime green edging detail, hostess gift napkin sets in linen with modern bright design, linen cocktail napkin with martini cocktail

I designed a few sample sets, and have put them through the test. Ray has his own that he loves in particular and folds it to make a coaster. This is a more manly way to use a cocktail napkin. I, however, use mine to put my coffee cup on, with my icy cold glass of wine, or just when I need a little napkin nearby for my cookie issue. They wash, dry, finger press and reuse beautifully. Winner.


Cocktail napkins are not just for cocktails.

Linen printed cocktail napkin with navy served edging and a snake print design, modern linen cocktail napkin

I also suspect that when we all have a little less PTSD from a year of minimal socializing at home, I will also use them for my guests. That is to say, the little napkin you stack next to the dishes for finger food nibbling. 

In walks cute, two colorful sets of linen cocktail napkins for personal home use or hostess gift giving. They’re a saving grace that satisfies the most hardcore cocktail napkin gifter. You know who you are. They come in sets of six in a linen envelope. They’re also stinking cute, and because they’re doing so well, we’re adding four more designs just in time for the holiday gift season. 

In the meantime, if you plan on hosting a small gathering, COVID suitable of course, or if you’re just wanting to free yourself of your paper napkin habit, this is a good place to test the Tree-Free waters! 

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