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Our Five Favorite Ways to Wear a Silk Scarf This Fall

Temps are dropping as fast as the leaves off of the trees, and while some of us bravely ventured out in the new/old 90’s trend of the scarf top, it might be a bit chilly for the belly braving at the moment. Not to mention the belly’s not quite so tan. That being said we believe there are ample ways to rock your silky numbers that don’t include sucking in your stomach!

Here is a list of our current favorite 5 ways to wear a scarf this season.



This may seem like an obvious one, but I think this is the one we all forget. It’s flattering, easy to wear, draws some great color towards your face and looks sexy as hell. Bonus: It's easy to wear with face masks. Adjust the width of the fold to best suit your neck length, wrap front to back then to the front again and secure a good knot. Similarly, sometimes I just tie mine in the back and let the tails hang down.

Who wore it better the silk scarf? Lucy or Hanna!(Hanna doesn't like to be left out! Who wore it better? Lucy or Hanna?!!)


I love the ease of this one, and you get to use one of those crazy costume rings you thought you were going to wear but never have! Fold your carré into a triangle and wrap around your shoulders with the point in the back. Slip the two tails through a simple or blingy ring and pull up like you were the champion girl scout you always wanted to be. This one is sort of prim but not.


My personal favorite. I run this look with my 35”+ squares, because go big or go home. You definitely have to be in the headspace of channeling your inner diva, and while I understand not everyone feels comfortable in this style, you really should get over it. It’s part glamorous on the Italian riviera, part true Ralph Lauren vibes on a boat in Essex. It’s simply a statement, that is both a bit daring and cute.

Cow print silk gypsy style scarf
We prefer to tie our knots in the back, but Hanna has a nice point.


Personally I don’t have a long ponytail, I have a shortish curly mop, but I do love this sleek vibe. Whether your pony is high or low, hanging loose or in a messy bun- this works. Tie that scarf of any size in a knot or a bow. Period. Classy. Done. Out.

Goldfish silk scarf worn as a pony tail wrap


This is also a personal go to because it takes zero brain power. This is about that moment where you are running out the house in your jean and t-shirt suit, again, and you grab one from the closet en route to the door. This is the “I’ve got that I don’t care but I still look pulled together in that French/Italian/Scando girl way” look. Don’t overthink it. Grab and Go like it’s a coffee shop sandwich.

silk wool blend bandit print scarf
Give some of these a try and let us know how it goes. If you've got another look, please tag us in a photo @athomewithray! We'd love to see your styles!!

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