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Kris and I both come from grandmothers  and mothers who love(d) food and setting a gorgeous table.  I have witnessed both families, on separate occasions, very deeply involved in planning the next meal before the table was even set.  It’s no surprise that Kris and I would start a business that aids in the glorifying of the table.  I was taught how to properly set the table by the time I was 6 and it was not a task where we could add our own spin on things.  But considering how simple it is I was surprised to see that a lot of photos of set tables on Pinterest were wrong.  Check this out.

It’s that simple.  Granted you don’t need mini pumpkins and garland laced down the center of the table (although why not), but you get the picture.

Here’s the thing, sure it might seem like too much work for some or maybe even a little fussy but it’s like putting the laundry away in the same place every time.  It lends a sense of order.  Plus I really do like a pretty table.  (Insert Virgo here). It’s akin to a well made bed, right?  Plus it’s a good little spot to add a little bit more of your personality to a room.   If this not something that you normally do, do it and see what your family’s reaction is.  Change things up a little!

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