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So, I have to say that when I think of sinkscaping I immediately think of manscaping (if you don’t know what that is, look it up), and then I think of a tall hipster dude with a big dark fabulous beard up north and something akin to a handlebar moustache down south.


He looks serious in this picture because that’s what the photog asked him to be but generally speaking he is very entertaining.  (Yes, I came up with a backstory, for my fictitious story).  Yeah....that went sideways pretty quick huh?  And NOTHING to do with sinks.  This is pretty much how Kris and my conversations go.  It’s amazing that we get anything done.  Alright! Alright! Sigh...back on topic.

Ray and I bought a shit show of a house a little over a year ago and I am constantly ripping something out or knocking something down.  It’s just one big construction zone. Man I wish that I had Kelly Wearstler money.  So in order to appease my need for some sense of order and pretty I have little vignettes anywhere I can slip one in.  Yeah, yeah, yeah... I am fiiiiiinally getting to it.  One of those little vignettes is next to my sink.  At any point there is always a plant, lotion, dish soap (I have them in brown glass bottles because I am trying not to use plastic), a basket with hand towels and dish cloths, and a small ceramic bowl for brushes and wet cloths.  I also have a mason jar for dishwasher pods.  It sounds like a lot but it is very convenient.  Everything is right there.

I switch things out throughout the year like a coleus that was getting a little too big and a little vintage dog print replaced a bright little print that I borrowed (should be read as stole) from my sister. 

If you have to be there allllllllllllll the time give yourself a little joy.  Sinkscaping...did you see the handlebar moustache?



Happy New Year,



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