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You Can Do This Nemo

You Can Do This Nemo

My two daughters and I are Nemo fanatics. We’re the obnoxious ones that quote every line while watching it for the millionth time (yes we still watch it). Even when better judgement tells us to shut up, out comes a Nemoism in sometimes truly inopportune moments. State troopers do not like to be quoted Nemo while suggesting you slow your ass down. Sharing a poignant quote during a heavy ethical class discussion — no-no. Crossing a busy street, you might appear to the lesser educated a deranged idiot stepping on and off the curb three times before you go out of the anemone. Why hasn’t a cult been formed based on the million nuggets of wisdom shared in this sacred tome? Today I’d like to discuss one of the many important messages from the School of Nemo.

Believe in yourself and keep on swimming.

This is a powerful concept that we’ve been hearing much about lately. Perseverance and determining your own destiny, as it were. Adapting to our scary new world, and being in charge of how that makes you feel rather than feeling out of control. I also chose this shift in our world to launch a new business with an old friend. Some have suggested that perhaps this was pure insanity. They are not wrong. I’ve laid in bed many early mornings telling myself that no task is too challenging and with my sheer will and tenacious determination plus a lot of elbow grease, I got this. We got this. I wrestle with the panic and uncertainty that is par for the course. Self doubt is a mighty powerful foe. Will people love what we’re making? Will I make a living doing this? How long will that take? Do I know what the hell I’m doing? What am I forgetting? Insidious thinking that doesn’t help progress, at all. Where are my Wonder Woman cuffs? Where’s my red lipstick? Where’s my damn perfume?

Unimaginable hurdles are basically partners in starting a new business, or a new brand. It’s probably a good thing that we don’t always know what they are or one might buckle at the knees contemplating the details that need considering. That’s where digging in and harnessing the stubborn will of only those possessed with a vision comes in handy. Something I’m learning more about daily. What tidbits of lessons learned so far can I share with you? What drives me forward? How do I get out of bed each morning and tackle this? How do I bravely venture out to touch the butt?


At Home With Ray was born from a fierce desire to create beautiful things for people, to create things that had the super power to bring people back together. To get people talking again, off of their phones, enjoying one another's company in what could be considered a no-brainer. Bringing people back to the dinner table — helping make that experience special, even on a Tuesday night. Add to this vision the making of beautiful things for people to enjoy their nest even more, to love their homes and fill it with happiness definitely floats my boat. The idea that Kelley and I can be a small part of someone's happiness is highly motivating. Especially these days.

So here are my words of wisdom to you.

1. Stop doubting yourself Mr. Grumpy Gills.

Doubt is much like a speck of mold, equally nasty and easily grows with attention. There are simply not enough hours in the day to waste on nurturing doubt. If and when you doubt yourself I would venture to guess it’s because you simply don’t have the answer yet. You don’t know something that you feel you should. I don’t know how to do smokey eye makeup without looking like the walk of shame, but I know I can find at least 30000 videos to show me, suggestions on what colors work best with brown-black eyes and even brands that work best with my skin type. Which with previously mentioned elbow grease, a little time at it, I could probably get there and feel pretty good about it. Building a new business is basically the same as creating a smokey eye look.

Knowledge is the Magic Eraser of doubt.


2. It’s not enough to just not doubt.

You also need to be your own best cheerleader. Sharkbait! Hoo haha!! You must try to be ridiculously upbeat, confident, energetic and more importantly you must want it. This is where all of the visualize-your-perfect-scenario speak comes into play. I endeavor to make a habit of a quick pre-coffee viz session, usually pre-eyes open in bed. It goes something like this. Wow, Kris this new venture has really blossomed into exactly what you envisioned. You are living your best scenario. You should be proud. You are successful, and look how many happy homes you’ve contributed to! You get to design and draw cool stuff that Kelley makes into more cool stuff and people are buying all of this cool stuff. Now you’re traveling the world in the name of research for inspired ideas, eating really good food and you’ve been featured on the cover of Elle Home Decor. All because you believed in yourself and let nothing hold you back. Huzzah. Go big or go home. The universe wants you to be happy and think large.

Positivity is positively powerful.


2. It’s not enough to just not doubt
As Kelley said in an earlier post, take a little time for yourself daily. She drinks chai and stays calm, I ride and wind myself up more. Whatever your thing is, make it happen. Daily or close to it. Balance is more easily talked about than practiced, but then haven’t you noticed when you find a little sweet spot of balance how round the world gets again. Just sayin.

“I am a nice shark, not a mindless eating machine. If I am to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends, not food.”   Bruce, GWS


We may not have all the answers, nor would we want to. Keeps life exciting that way. But we are here for you and each other, and if one word of what I said helps you, that makes my day.

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