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Lively Local Feature: At Home With Ray

Lively Local Feature: At Home With Ray

Our lively local feature for the week is none other than the fabulous brand At Home With Ray (AHWR). Durango local Kris Roufa is the beauty and the brains behind the brand, and adds her artistic flair to everything that she creates. Not only does Lively love what the brand stands for, but we adore the fun and colorful light that AHWR brings to anyone who sees it!

The story behind At Home With Ray


I get asked this all the time. Who is Ray? Ray is your significant other or spouse. Ray is that pet you love like your own child. Ray is your group of girlfriends you can laugh and drink the night away with. Ray is that person, or pet, in your life that you love to spend time with. We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home, and many of us have learned a lot about ourselves that we didn’t know. We’ve also learned what we’re capable of. Many of us have made the effort to nest again, dig into our spaces and create a beautiful place to spend more time, to be beautiful and loved in. This is where At Home With Ray comes in. AHWR is about beautiful and luxurious things for you and your home, but also full of whimsy. I wanted my products to slide into a space that works with all of your basics, but are each special in and of themselves. I’m a personal and home luxuries brand because we all need a little more of that in our world.

My name is Kris Roufa, and I’m the designer behind the brand. I was born a designer, my mother would say. I’ve been one since I could walk, designing clothes, designing costumes, designing hats, designing bugs then I started an agency designing for others. I owned my design agency for 20 years and within the last turned my eye back to textiles and surface pattern design and created At Home With Ray.
— Kris Roufa

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