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An Asian Inspired Tablescape 30 Miles Out to Sea On Nantucket Island

An Asian Inspired Tablescape 30 Miles Out to Sea On Nantucket Island

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Who is Ray?  “Ray is your significant other or spouse. Ray is that pet you love like your own child. Ray is your group of girlfriends you can laugh and drink the night away with. Ray is that person, or pet, in your life that you love to spend time with.”


Once you meet her, and lay eyes on her luxury home products you immediately understand the talent of the artist and graphic designer, Kris Roufa. Her passion for life of all kinds in every corner of her world shines through in her colorfully creative graphics! She is full of kindness and personality and possesses a talent that is raw, organic and refreshing! 


Inspiration for this tablescape evolved from my selection of At Home with Ray tabletop items in the most beautiful colors on the most beautiful fabrics! (I”m an ironer so this fabric was dreamy for me to work with!) The quest to highlight these COLORS instantly led me to the use of black as a neutral; a canvas on which I would paint with these brilliant neon tabletop products. Thinking a bit out of the box, I immediately thought of my huge black rolls of paper and decided YES! That would be the table cover. As my black design unfolded, it took on an immediate Asian flair. Black ceramic dinnerware with black and gold chopsticks and black stemmed glassware served as the neutral backdrop allowing the bold colors and graphics from At Home with Ray to take center stage.

Hello Lapkins! Lapkins are 24 X 24 inch napkins, large enough to cover a lap and soft enough to notice the beautiful hand of the fabric. This is such a genius idea and name, and one I wish I had thought of!  It’s my new favorite word and one I think will go viral! They are BIG, BOLD and COLORFUL with dramatic graphics …



BSP-E-HR-PL-Table3-Selects-5.26.21-1560 (1).jpg


Place cards designed in colors that coordinate with the fabrics, were wittily tucked into miniature ferns at each place setting creating an organic touch.



Candle Runners a new and clever term at that! Yes, something to place your candles on. I used them here to receive my wine selections. They are pretty. And pretty funny!





Linen Cocktail Napkins sat perched upon each soup bowl. Python With Neon PINK Surge

My touch of Whimsy was the addition of gold and black paper lanterns and a hot pink paper umbrella to coordinate with my At Home with Ray colors and to forward my Asian theme. Though, I will say this whole table is about WHIMSY!

The Menu, a pescatarian dream! My Asian-inspired tablescape, 30 miles out to sea on Nantucket Island where the fish comes straight off the boat, created the perfect light & fresh culinary and visual pairing ! 

  • Thai Chili Shrimp  (Easy to assemble and beautiful food styling opportunity!)

  • Cold Thai Cucumber Avocado Soup with Cucumber

  • Platters of Assorted Sushi  (Bar Yoshi on Old South Wharf)

  • Wines from Gooseneck Vineyards (My new summer pick!)


Table rentals by:

~ Thank you for joining RAY & me on this beautiful, creative and fun journey! ~

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