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The Retail Therapy Round-Up For September 2021 by Jenn Palumbo

The Retail Therapy Round-Up For September 2021 by Jenn Palumbo

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Ah, the Fall leaves are upon us, and I’m already jumping ahead mentally to holiday presents. I know, I know… we haven’t even had Halloween yet. I’m terrible. I almost hate to admit it, but I already ordered my holiday cards. As you can tell, I get a little excited for the holiday season (she types while wearing a Christmas sweater and singing jingle bells.)

BUT let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I believe in retail therapy (whether insurance wants to cover it or not!) I also simply enjoy trying new products that make my life easier or make life even that much more fun (or bearable, depending on how your life is going at that moment.)

Each month, I am sharing a list of products that I think may bring YOU some joy, whether it’s the holiday season or not!

QUICK REMINDER: Some of these products were sent to me to try out. Others, I ordered solely on my own and loved them. No one has paid me to include any of these products in this piece, and I don’t work for or make a profit off of any of these companies. This is just one consumer speaking to another saying, “Hey there! These products don’t suck! Check them out!”

And with that, let’s dive into the Retail-Therapy Round-Up for September!

Products to Check Out

Anyone else thinking of entertaining for Thanksgiving? If so, you may want to check out these linen cocktail napkins. They are unique and have a deconstructed look. Plus, they can be washed in a machine, are perfect for décor and spills!

Linen cocktail napkin sets by At Home With Ray

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